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Course Content

CPR Courses 4-6 hours

These courses deal with the basics of CPR

and how to handle emergency situations including airway management, choking emergencies, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, heart attack and stroke emergencies and AED(Automatic External Defibrillator) training. All CPR courses have a 3 year certification.

CPR Level A 4 hrs- Adult emergencies

CPR Level C 5 hrs-Adult, Child & Baby emergencies

CPR BLS Basic Life Supoort (replaces HCP)

4.5 hrs.For Health Care Professionals pre and in-facility care providers. Use of Bag Valve Mask, pulse checks, rescue breathing and 2 rescuer High performance CPR.

4 hr. Recertification available for CPR Levels C (of 3 years) . Must have a current Canadian CPR certification. BLS is Recertified every year. (3 hrs)

SFA Standard First Aid with BLS CPR Course available. 16-18hr

Emergency First Aid 7.5-9 hours

Includes New Ontario guidelines 

This course specializes in how to react, think and improvise when dealing wirh time priority situations and life threatening emergencies. This course includes the CPR course and a 3 year certificaation.

Standard First Aid 14-16 hours

Includes New Ontario guidelines

This course includes the same content as the Emergency First Aid course and additional information and practice of important skills and knowledge vital to many first aid situations in the workplace, home and elsewhere. This course also includes the CPR course and a 3 year certification.

6-8 hr Recertification available for Standard First Aid. Must have a current Canadian Red Cross certification.

Blended Standard First Aid courses available since Fall 2015. |A blended course offers an on-line component as well as the traditional in class component. Advance planning and notice will be required as candidates will need time to acquire a pin number and class manual to access the on-line Red Cross component. The on-line component may take 8 hours or more to complete followed by the in class component of approximately 8 hours. In class component must be done within 4 weeks of acquiring the pin number and manual.

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